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Welcome to the Medical Scheduling Software "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) Page:

2.8 Login Permissions
Higher levels of access include all rights from lower levels of access.

2.8.1 Administrator Only Rights (highest level of access) Able to change shift hours Able to add a new shift/appointment Able to update the Employee information Able to change any password Able to view the audit trail Able to copy rotation forward Able to mass update shift assignees from one employee to another based on original assignee, new assignee, begin date and end date Able to mass update shift hours based on shift position type, old shift start and end times, new shift start and end times, start date and end date. Able to assign employees to vacant shifts

2.8.2 Write Rights Able to reassign a shift. The name of who had the shift and who got the shift will be recorded in the audit trail table. This will used to send an e-mail to both employees, triggered by the reassignment. Able to update owns user list information

2.8.3 Read-Only Rights (lowest level of access) Able to view calendar Able to post messages to message board Able to view shift details Able to view employee list (name only) Able to change their own password

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