How to Buy

1. Try out this site to see how easy it is to use.

2. Use the provided login to add/edit/delete shift information.

3. Try the bulletin board, and the Members list.

4. Email Me and tell me what you are looking for!

A Sample Guide is available to help your team decide on what you need, and how you want to see it.

How to Buy Con't:

Give the www. URL out to co-workers for their input and feedback.

If you only have 4 people, we will set up and host your site for free. We're that confident you will tell others about us!

If you have more than 4 users, then the following fees apply:

License Fee: 50$/Full time equivalent for each user. This is a one time fee, paid upfront.

Customization Fee: Total Depends on how complex you want it, and what your budget is. Our rate is 60$/hr, and most sites are fully operational and all shift details loaded by the 20 hour mark (1200$). This is invoiced upon rollout.

There is an "add-on" list for extra features, proven useful by the other groups. They are billed by the hour as well.

Don't wait, get your group online today!

Medical Scheduling Software

Email for a free Integration Whitepaper. We can host your calendar, or make it part of your existing Intranet!

Medical Scheduling Software site for use by Hopsitals, and Medical Staff of all types.