Add-ons and customizations:

These are functions other groups already use:

2.1 Feature - The Calendar display should stick at the last month selected
When setting up shifts in a future month, the calendar always returns to the current month after each shift is set. This requires navigating back to the month being worked on each time.

2.2 New Feature - Direct Month Navigation Links - Medical Scheduling Software
There should be improved month navigation on the calendar page. This would consist of links to navigate directly to any month up to twelve months into the past or future.

2.3 New Feature - Posting a Shift Change Request on the Bulletin Board should automatically forward to all employee e-mail addresses in the
Medical Scheduling Software
There is a problem that Physicians are not all looking at the BB to see if there are shift change requests. Pushing the requests to the other Physicians will ensure an audience, if not someone to take the shift. Just original posts should be forwarded, not replies.

2.4 New Feature - Designate Bulk Shift Reschedule to apply to weekend, weekday or both in the Medical Scheduling Software.
Create a radio button field to select whether to apply bulk shift reschedules to weekday shifts, weekend shifts or all seven days of the week. These would appear as a radio button field with the three choices, only one of which can be selected at a time. Weekend shifts occur between midnight on Friday night and midnight on Sunday night.

2.5 New Feature - Create a separate place to keep a template calendar separate from the live shift data or tag each shift as template or live and filter according to the view. This is necessary because the live Medical Scheduling Software calendar is constantly being modified to reflect changed shifts and vacations. This means that there is no clean template month to bulk copy shifts forward from.

A separate table could be set up to keep the template shifts or they could be kept in the same table as the live shifts and the calendar could filter the shifts based on whether the template or live shifts are being displayed. It will be necessary to be able to open the template Medical Scheduling Software calendar separately from the live calendar. Also, it will be necessary to be able to copy shifts from the Template calendar into the live calendar.

==I create a parallel calendar system that can copy to the original, including the radio button
options in 2.4

Medical Scheduling Software Add-ons Continued:
2.6 Original Feature - Add the ability to change the sort order on the audit trail screen.
It should be possible to view the audit trail sorted by shift and date of change so that all changes made to a shift can be viewed in one spot. It is still useful to see all changes made to the calendar in the order in which they are made as well.

Links to "Sort by edit date", or "Sort by shift, then by edit date ".

2.7 Original Feature - Reduce the number of clicks required throughout the Medical Scheduling Software Calendar to help streamline administration of the calendar.
Changing shifts still requires a lot of clicks, especially around navigation of the screens.
Specifically, clicking on a shift in the main calendar should fully open the shift for all edits on the same screen including reassigning the shift. Currently, it offers a choice between opening a screen for reassigning the shift or opening a screen for all other edits as well as delete.

2.8 New Feature - Add the ability to track site "hits".
Add a site "hits" counter to the top menu of the Medical Scheduling Software.
ESTIMATED TIME = 3 hrs for basic hit counting for all pages, plus hit counter reset, 8-10 hrs if
they want reports that show that user x went from calendar to bb to calendar to Nov 20th date
to calendar to Nov 21st, etc, etc

2.9 New Feature - Add the ability to track site logins by userid.
The ability to view logins by userid should only be available to level 3 users.

2.10 Original Feature - Sort the Medical Scheduling Software employee list alphabetically by initials
It would be easier to find staff in the employee list if the list were sorted.

2.11 Feature - Format of shifts in Medical Scheduling Software calendar display.
There should be a fixed indent for the assignee initials within each calendar day so that they all start at a fixed distance from the left hand margin of the date cell. The initials should appear in bold, while the rest of the shift information should be in a regular format.

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Medical Scheduling Software

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